Thank You

Dear Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing the extraordinary journey of this campaign with me. Without your support, and the invaluable contributions you have made to this campaign, we would not have made the impact we did on NJ’s 26th legislative district, despite not getting the primary win.

The fact that our team of advisers, supporters, and volunteers include so many people who had never even heard my name before March, and yet rallied to our cause with such passion and dedication, is perhaps the most incredible aspect of this experience; it is why I will consider this campaign a success regardless of Tuesday’s outcome.

Collectively, you have given us donated space to use as a campaign headquarters in the district; hours of expert advice and guidance on everything from the fine points of campaigning to the intricacies of policy and issues; and key introductions and connections that have allowed us to establish important relationships.

You opened your beautiful homes to us to host meet and greets; you distributed our lawn signs throughout the district. You have volunteered your time at our phone banks and knocked on doors for our canvasses.You have donated your hard-earned money, without which none of this could have been possible.

You have been the driving force behind our crucial social media campaign, sharing our posts and videos, spreading our message far and wide, creating Twitter Storms. You have written letters to the editor on my behalf and invited me to your banquets, meetings, forums and symposiums. You have provided me with opportunities to speak and network and reach more voters who wanted to hear our message.

Every municipal Democratic committee in the 26th district warmly welcomed us and some gave us public endorsements. Because of your support and efforts, we have been the subject of positive news stories and media coverage.

Of all these successes, I must say that one of our biggest “wins” occurred on a rainy morning in May when we held our Dress for Success clothing drive in Parsippany. Despite the weather, this event collected dozens of clothing donations for disadvantaged women trying to re-enter the workforce and generated the first media attention to raise the profile of the campaign. Without the support of those who provided us with a location, with publicity and literally, with shelter from the storm, this event would not have been a success.

I understood the risk of running without the party endorsement.  I have no regrets.  I am, however, saddened by the blind trust the voting public puts into the choices made for them by the party leaders.  I am committed to continuing to educate the public on how our system works, and what people can do to be sure they are truly represented.

It has been my honor and privilege to have earned your support. I don’t know what will be next for me in the public service arena but for those of us who want to effect true change, our work has barely begun.

Best Wishes,


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