Why Run?

I want to see New Jersey keep moving forward instead of going backwards.

The NJ legislature is the last line of defense protecting the rights and interests of our citizens against the changes happening in Washington. As we face potentially devastating cuts in federal funding for education, health care, women’s health, and so many others that threaten the stability of our communities, I want to be a voice for the common-sense approaches that unite all New Jerseyans on common ground. We need solutions that work for all people, not just some.

As a professional career and executive coach, I have spent the past twenty-five years listening to people talk about the challenges of their businesses and their personal lives, and helping them find and implement the solutions that result in success. It’s time for the people of New Jersey’s 26th district to have public servants who will listen to their concerns, find solutions, and who will take action on their behalf with accountability and transparency.

The current representation in the 26th district has been voting against your rights and interests. They have voted against:

  • WOMEN (voting against the protection of victims of domestic violence; voting against sexual discrimination protections; voting against family planning)
  • CHILDREN (voting against $10 million to fund Lead Hazard Control; voting against requiring school buildings to be equipped with emergency light and panic alarm linked to local law enforcement; voting against requiring school nurses to have 30 hours of study credits)
  • HEALTHCARE: (voting against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; voting against providing reasonable accommodation in assessing providers for persons with physical disabilities; voting against allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives in a humane and dignified manner)
  • WORKERS (voting against raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour; voting against requiring the state to fund the pensions of workers in a timely fashion; voting against prohibiting employment discrimination based on applicant employee status)


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These were the issues that led me, and four other concerned citizens, to gather around a kitchen table one morning this winter to form a group that would advocate for legitimate representation and leadership accountability for New Jersey’s 26th district. I want to cast votes that make sense for the people of New Jersey.

Small Business Owners, Health Care and Education

My husband, Mark and I are proud to count ourselves among New Jersey’s self-employed and small business owners, who employ fifty percent of the state’s private workforce and are the driving engine behind the state’s economy. We are very fortunate to be raising our family in Verona, a safe, beautiful, family-oriented community where our three children have access to an excellent public school system and every opportunity to participate in sports and recreation, culture and arts. However, because we are self-employed, our health insurance costs us tens of thousands of dollars a year in premiums, co-pays and deductibles, and still leaves huge holes in coverage. Like all of us know, this is not the health insurance we grew up with, a fact that was painfully drummed home for us when one of our children became challenged by a rare medical condition.

When, after four years, four states, and six different medical groups we finally found the right treatment for our child, we also found ourselves with a pile of bills for treatment our insurance would not or did not cover. There are times still when the monthly cost of our child’s medication exceeds the monthly premiums we pay for the health plan that won’t cover what he needs to be well.

Weathering the economic uncertainties of self-employment. Struggling to stay afloat while medical bills pile up. Advocating on behalf of a special needs child. Caring for aging parents. Balancing career with family. As a working mother who runs her own business and an active community volunteer, I know that I share these challenges with my neighbors. I was again reminded of the universality of our family’s experience just this past year, when my father’s sudden but incurable health crisis exposed the gaping inadequacies in the health care system for patients and families dealing with painful end of life issues.

I haven’t experienced everything, but I do share many of the challenges that families and business face in the 26th district. I want to hear the stories of the hard working families in New Jersey’s 26th district and represent their best interests in Trenton. I want to cast votes that make sense for the people of New Jersey.

Common Sense

Within the past two years, the state legislators who represent the 26th district have collectively voted against initiatives to remove lead from drinking water, against nutritional standards in school lunches, against a fair minimum wage, against protecting victims of domestic violence from their abusers, against crucial infrastructure projects that would have created jobs and improved the safety of our roads, against requiring school nurses to actually be nurses. Do these positions make any sense to you? Do they represent the interests of you or your family? These are not Republican or Democratic issues. The 26th district deserves common sense leadership that will represent the best interests of the voters—not the non-sense leadership that only serves the partisan interests of secret backroom politics.

Common Ground

We all want the same things for our families and our futures. We all want good schools for our children and secure retirement for our seniors. We all want safe streets and clean drinking water. We all want to be able to afford to send our children to college, and a robust job market for our young people when they graduate. We want affordable access to quality health care, and the security of knowing that one medical crisis will not cost us our home or our savings. We want the opportunity to work hard and pursue our dreams. We want our elected officials to understand how hard we work for every tax dollar we pay, and we want them to be accountable for how they spend our money.

It’s time to move past the political disagreements that divide us and move forward on the vast common ground we share. All it takes is some common sense.

Throughout my 25-years as a career and executive coach, I have successfully guided thousands of people across industries and social-economic lines through the process of identifying and enacting the positive change necessary to accomplish their goals. New Jersey needs a dramatic course correction to restore the opportunity for prosperity and security for all of its citizens. That is why I am running for state assembly in the 26st district. I welcome your support.

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