Your Victory!

Hello Friends,

We’re in the homestretch. In less than one week, we will have the chance to bring real change to the New Jersey State Legislature but we can’t do it without your help. We need you to get out and vote on June 6th. Not only do we need your vote, but we need you to mobilize your networks. Whether it be by telling your friends, talking to your neighbors, or reminding your family, we all must educate those around us about the historic opportunity we have to finally send a Democrat to represent our district after decades of having our voices ignored. We have come so far over these past few months but to truly bring back common sense and transparency to our state government, we need to get out the vote.


As the primary approaches, I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude to each and everyone one of you. It is a direct result of your effort and support that this campaign has continued to break ground and make great strides every week.

Throughout the campaign, I have had the privilege to meet
wonderful people who care about their state and work hard to be
engaged in the political process and have their voices heard on every level of government.

From the warm welcomes at every Democratic committee or club
in the district to the candidate’s forum put on by NJTogether New Jersey, it has been an honor to learn about the unique people of our district and the specific issues affecting them and their municipality.

Many long-standing and experienced political leaders have taken the time to mentor me and shorten my learning curve.  For this, I am both grateful and blown away by their generosity of time and spirit.

I have been honored to be in the rooms with the people who make things happen. Whether it be at the mayor’s breakfast in Caldwell, the Blue Wave NJ Gala or the South Asian Caucus Panel Discussion last night, I have had meaningful discussions with hard workers about how to effectively create positive change in New Jersey. I consider myself one
of the people who are part of the solution whether it’s been a family, community, business or leadership project and entering
the political arena is the next place for me to contribute.

The culminating moment of our hard work is less than a week away. Our campaign has energized the 26th district in ways many thought impossible. The grassroots activist community has come out in full force but to ensure that our voices are heard all the way down in Trenton every single one of us needs to get out the vote on June 6th.

In just a few days all of our hard work will be put to the test at the polls. Your $25 donation today can be the push we need to cross the finish line.

Volunteer With Our Campaign

Door-to-Door Canvass
Sunday, June 4, Kickoff at Noon
Contact us for more information

Essex County Phone Bank
Monday, June 5
7-9 pm
Private Address
Contact us for more information

RSVP HERE or call 973-857-8180 for more information about these events, and visit for more information about me and my campaign.

New Jersey’s June 6th Democratic primary is days away. I hope I can count on you to join our campaign by volunteering your time or making a donation

Thank you,
Laura Fortgang

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